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Aikam Media Group is a premier organization when it comes to Radio, Television, Arts and Music with over 15 years of experience in the field of entertainment.  Aikam Media Group was started with one sole motive of entertaining people as well as keeping roots of our culture alive and locking people to their religious beliefs through entertainment. Aikam Media Group is committed to entertain people out and out with our extensive range of programs from cultural to religious, social etc. Aikam Media Group proudly operates Radio Punjab, Aikam TV & Aikam Arts Academy and with these ventures, Aikam Media Group has established a strong relationship with the people throughout the community.

Aikam Media Group was founded by Amarjit Rai, a well known personality in the community. Amarjit Rai, hosts Radio Punjab and Aikam TV in a unique way and encapsulates old classics and new talent and brings about entertainment which is fit for family listening & viewing. Being a history & literature graduate; poetry, history, literature & music is portrayed in his shows at their very best offering a dive into the past with a flavor of present.

Amarjit Rai, a native of village Pasla near Jalandhar, India started his career by singing along side Joga Singh Jogi who is a well known Kavishar and recorded almost 150 records with him and uncounted stage performances goes to his credit as well. With his experience of regular performer in “High B Grade” at Jalandhar & Delhi Doordarshan and Aakashwaani stations, Amarjit Rai started his first radio show in Canada in 1995.

Other accolades of Aikam Media Group are; the newspaper called Punjab Star which was started in the year 2001 and the biggest cultural fest in GTA known as “Punjab Day” whose opening edition was organized at CNE Grounds, Toronto in the year 1998.

Aikam Media Group will be stepping into show business in the starting of the New Year 2013 with just one aim of promoting and up bringing the hidden & unknown talent.

There is always something to return to the society and hence keeping this in mind, Aikam Media Group has formed Amar’s Society of Charity with complete devotion towards serving society. Amar’s Society of Charity is focused to serve each and every aspect of society that needs to be taken care of.